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Combat level refers to the level derived from the skills that deal with fighting. There is a formula to calculate combat level.

  • 1 level in Attack, Strength, Hits or Defense is equal to 1/4 of a combat level.
  • 1 level in Magic or Prayer is equivalent to 1/8 of a combat level.
  • If ranged multiplied by 1.5 is equal to Attack + Strength combined, 1 ranged level is worth 0.375 combat levels, and attack and strength aren't counted.

Max Combat[edit | edit source]

The maximum combat level RuneScape Classic is 123, which is achieved upon gaining level 99 in all of the combat skills, which are Attack, Strength, Defense, Hits, Magic, and Prayer. You only need either 93 Magic or Prayer with 99 in all of the rest to be combat 123.

The combat calculator always rounds down, so you can actually achieve level 123 combat with stats slightly lower than 99 in Attack, Strength, Defense, Hits, Magic and Prayer. Players can reach a combat level of 123 with level 1 in Ranged when Attack and Strength are 99 or with level 1 in Attack and Strength if Ranged is level 99.

Combat Level Calculator[edit | edit source]

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Effects[edit | edit source]

On Monster Hostility[edit | edit source]

Main article: Aggressiveness

Combat level affects what aggressive monsters will attack the player. To make an aggressive monster too afraid to attack the player must be twice its combat level plus one.

On Monster Attack Option[edit | edit source]

Black Dragons are too high combat level for the player to ever get the default left-click Attack option

Monsters have a Talk-to-option as a default (ie. left-click) but after the player reaches a combat level higher than the monster (sans Magic and Prayer), the default option becomes Attack. This makes it more convenient to initiate fights.

On Player Killing[edit | edit source]

Combat level plays an important role in the Wilderness, where player-versus-player combat is allowed within limits of players combat level ± Wilderness level. It is also important indication when considering players strength in duelling.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • A monsters npc combat stats, although sent to the client to decide the order of attack menu, is thought to not necessarily have been the same of the game server. Example of this is with the paladin, where the experience received is a bit more than calculated even from rounding up the calculated combat level.
  • Considering the formula of experience received from killing a monster with melee, sometimes the experience is proportional to the monster's combat level after the floor function while other times is after the ceil method. The inconsistency could likely be due to outdated stats sent to the client.