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See the slider first column, second row.

In RSC, there are two "Genders" to choose between in the player appearance screen. There is no in-game reference as to what these two genders are called, but it is obviously meant to be a "Male" setting and a "Female" setting. Gender is decided on Tutorial Island when first setting player appearance, but the player's gender may be later changed by visiting the Make Over Mage in southwest Falador and paying them 3,000 coins.

In game differences based on the Gender setting:[edit | edit source]

  • Male characters have a longer shirt compared to female characters, who are instead given large breasts and a more revealing shirt.
  • Various lines of dialogue in-game may have their pronouns adjusted based on the Gender setting, but often-times the programmers forgot to adjust them (e.g., the gnome bankers always refer to the player as "sir").

Both male and female players can wear Plate Mail Bodies, Plated Skirts, Plate Mail Legs and Chain Mail Bodies with no visual difference.

Gallery[edit | edit source]