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See the slider first column, second row.

In RSC, there are two "Genders" to choose between in the player appearance screen. There is no in-game reference as to what these two genders are called, but it is obviously meant to be a "Male" setting and a "Female" setting. Gender is decided on Tutorial Island when first setting player appearance, but the player's gender may be later changed by visiting the Make over mage south-west of Falador and paying them 3,000 coins.

In game differences based on the Gender setting:[edit | edit source]

  • Male characters have a longer shirt compared to female characters, who are instead given large breasts and a more revealing shirt.
  • Twenty-eight lines of dialogue have their pronouns adjusted based on the Gender setting. However, there are at least ten instances where the programmers forgot to adjust them:
    • The gnome bankers always refer to the player as "sir".
    • Grandpa Jack always refers to the player as "young man".
    • Brother Kojo refers to the player as "sir" when thanking them for accepting the Clock tower quest, regardless of gender.
    • Glough always says "take him away", "this man is a human spy", and "lock him up" back-to-back.[1]
    • Almera always says "are you busy young man?, i have a problem" and then "would you kind sir?" when you agree to help with her problem.[2]
    • Jeremy Servil always says "Please sir, don't hurt me" upon first meeting the player.[3]
    • Trufitus always says "Gracious sir, it means 'friend'", when asked what Bwana means.[confirmation needed]

Both male and female players can wear Plate Mail Bodies, Plated Skirts, Plate Mail Legs and Chain Mail Bodies with no visual difference.

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