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A human.

Humans are the most dominant race on Gielinor, occupying almost the entire world. They have divided their lands into the kingdoms of Misthalin, Asgarnia, and Kandarin. Contrarily to dwarves and gnomes, humans have developed their technologies based around magic. Gnomes and dwarves have instead relied on non-magical technology, though gnomes are still known to use magic. Thus, human technology resembles medieval Europe while dwarven technology is closer to the Industrial Age. It should be noted that all player characters are human.

Humans are also one of the most diverse races consisting of followers from several gods, unlike other races who universally follow a single god. Most humans are Saradomin followers, though there are those who worship Guthix, such as the Druids in Taverley as well as the those who worship Zamorak such as the Black knights. They are also almost never satisfied with anything causing them to strive for more. Because of this, humans often get into conflicts with each other as well as with other races.

History[edit | edit source]

Humans are said to have come to Gielinor shortly after Guthix created it. It is believed that humans originated on Earth as evidence by the presence of King Arthur, a human who claims to have come from England.

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