Wilderness Lava Maze mine

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The ladder down from Maze centre is relatively safe.

The Wilderness Lava Maze mine is located in the Lava Maze dungeon at the centre of the maze. It is one of the three mines with Runite rocks, the other two being Wilderness runite mine and Hero's Guild mine.

Rock Mining Quantity
Level Exp
Runite rock.png Runite 85 125 1

Preparation & Getting There[edit | edit source]

Cure poison Potion.png Poison antidote.png Knife.png Charged Dragonstone Amulet.png Anti dragon breath Shield.png

The player should access the mine properly equipped. Nearby banking locations can be found at the wilderness Mage Arena or in Edgeville. Having a Charged Dragonstone Amulet or runes to teleport makes it faster to leave/bank by walking to level 30 Wilderness and then teleporting away.

To go through Lava Maze player will need a sharp object such as a sword or axe to cut the spider webs along the way to the maze entrance.

Poison Antidotes or Cure poison potions are highly recommended because of the many Poison spiders lurking, and an equipped Anti-Dragon Shield is a necessary precaution due to the fire breathing Black Dragons who roam the mazes interior. Food and Prayer potions are also recommended. Traveling with a trustworthy partner is advisable, as the many monsters here can make moving around the dungeon and leaving very tricky. Mining the nearby runite rocks will prove to be difficult for this reason. Remember that this is still a PKing zone in the wilderness.

The Runite must be reached through Poison Spiders in the south.

Dangers[edit | edit source]

  • Black dragons (level 200)
  • Greater Demons (level 87)
  • Poison spiders (level 63)
  • Possibly other players
  • Difficulty moving/escaping due to the high number of monsters present
  • Teleportation out will be impossible due to its location being past level 30 wilderness