Rimmington mine

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Location on World Map
Melzar's Maze Rimmington mine Port Sarim
Asgarnian southern peninsula
Rock locations.

The Rimmington mine is located just south west of Falador and north of Rimmington. The mine exists on a large brown coloured divot in the land. Rimmington mine is safe and in a walking distance from Falador west bank.

Rock Mining Quantity
Level Exp
Clay rock.png Clay 1 5 1
Copper rock.png Copper 1 17.5 4
Tin rock.png Tin 1 17.5 1
Iron rock.png Iron 15 35 3
Gold rock.png Gold 40 65 1

Usefulness[edit | edit source]

Players may find this to be a good place to mine at lower levels. The bank in Falador to the north east is the closest option for players keeping the ores and gems that they mine. There are no aggressive monsters here, although low levelled players should be aware of an aggressive level 13 highwayman who roams the road outside of Falador's east gate.

Some players choose to power mine here to maximise the mining experience they can gain per hour. This process includes dropping all of the ore mined rather than banking it. These ores can then be picked up and banked by other players, making it an attraction for lower levelled players or those who do not wish to train mining.

A bronze pickaxe spawns on a table in a building just south of the mine. There is also a Crafting store in Rimmington if the player needs to buy supplies such as a chisel to cut gems found while mining. There is also a general store in Rimmington which can be used to sell ores and gems, as well as purchase a sleeping bag if one is forgotten.