Brimhaven mine

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Location on World Map
East Ardougne
Port Khazard Brimhaven mine Brimhaven
Tai Bwo Wannai

The Brimhaven mine consists of several gold rocks both northwest and southwest of Brimhaven. It is one of the best locations for self-sufficient Mining and Smithing training.

There are several poisonous monsters in the area so Cure Poisons or Poison Antidotes are suggested.

Northwest[edit | edit source]

Northwest mine or Horsheshoe mine contains 7 gold rocks and one Gold spawn. It is next to the spot used in The Holy Grail quest to travel with Magic whistle to the Fisher King Realm. There is a Moss Giant island to the west that requires level 10 Agility and gives 7 Agility experience when swinged on to. On the island there is a small hut with a bed and a respawn of Slice of Cake on the table.

Rock Mining Quantity
Level Exp
Gold rock.png Gold 40 65 7

Aggressive monsters[edit | edit source]

South[edit | edit source]

In the southwest the rocks are in two distinct groups of 5 and 3. There are more tribesmen in the west with four fires and a Tribal brew.

Rock Mining Quantity
Level Exp
Gold rock.png Gold 40 65 8

Aggressive monsters[edit | edit source]

In the southern mine the rocks are further apart.