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Attack: 99
Hits: 99
Mining: 99
Strength: 99
Agility: 99
Smithing: 99
Defense: 99
Herblaw: 80
Fishing: 99
Ranged: 99
Thieving: 99
Cooking: 99
Prayer: 99
Crafting: 99
Firemaking: 99
Magic: 99
Fletching: 99
Woodcut: 99
Quest 112
Total 1763
Combat 123.75
At 01 November 2014

Members weapons[edit | edit source]

They need their bonuses double-checked for off-by-one errors (see Template:Infobox Bonuses/doc), including the poisoned variants. I haven't been verifying they are correct as I have gone through them. I've only done free-to-play weapons, for the most part.

For other editors[edit | edit source]

Don't use the visual editor. In Special:Preferences under the "Editing" tab set your "Preferred editor" to "Source editor".

When adding prices to items, you can use the price shops will sell for (from here: [1]) to calculate high and low level alchemy prices. To get the high level price, multiply by 0.6, to get the low level, multiply by 0.4.

Don't worry about adding red links (in fact, please do). They are really useful for managing the wiki.

User pages[edit | edit source]