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Bunny ears were the first untradeable holiday item in RuneScape Classic. They were dropped on Easter 2003. Jagex decided to make holiday drops untradeable due to rich players hoarding large amounts of holiday items and the large influence holiday items had on the economy.

If a player who originally owned bunny ears loses them, they can get another pair by talking to Thessalia in Varrock. Casting telekinetic grab on this item is unsuccessful, and results in the following message being displayed: I can't use telekinetic grab on this object

When they were spawned all over the map (including the Wilderness), only one pair could be picked up by each player.

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  • At first, the examine was "It's the easter bunny!", but at 31 October 2003 they changed it to "Get another one from the clothes shop if you die". It wasn't possible to get a new pair before this date.