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The Disk of Returning is a discontinued item that was used in conjunction with the Black Hole experience, where banned players were frozen inside of, made an example of and spectated by players who were not stuck there. It could be bought from Thordur for 10 coins. The disk allowed players who were not confined to the Black Hole to visit the place safely.

History[edit | edit source]

The Black Hole and the Disk were subsequently removed when Jagex became aware of an exploit/scams, which was performed to the benefit of a banned player. The player stuck in the Black Hole would tell the victim that something cool would happen if they were to drop their disk. The banned player would then pick up the disk and teleport out[source needed] leaving the innocent victim stuck in the Black Hole, and allowing the banned player to return to the game.

After constant abuse, the Black Hole was removed, yet the disk of returning was not. It is now a highly valued and increasingly rare item. Despite once having a purpose in the game, it is now considered a Useless Item, other than the extremely high value it holds on the market.

Spin option[edit | edit source]

  • Before removal of Black Hole & Thordur (December 2001):
    • "You spin your disk of returning"[Clarify]
      Unique spin command for disk
    • - From a part of the world → Black Hole (no disk consumption)
    • - From Black Hole → Dwarven Mine where Thordur used to be (consumed disk)
  • After December 2001:
    • - From a part of the world → "The disk will only work from in Thordur's black hole"
    • - From out of bounds → "The disk will only work from in Thordur's black hole"
  • In Runescape 2 and the successors:
    • Spin option removed

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