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A Christmas cracker is a discontinued holiday item that was dropped during the 2001 Christmas event on 25 December 2001 - RuneScape's first Christmas event. They are traded for a high price because of their rarity.

Pulling[edit | edit source]

A bubble is visible when the player is pulling a Christmas cracker.

A Christmas cracker holds a Party Hat and a miscellaneous item. To open it, one player must use it with another player. Upon pulling it one player will get the prize - a random partyhat and one miscellaneous item.

Inventory showing some of the other possible miscellaneous rewards.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • You pull a christmas cracker

(if you get the prize upon pull):

  • You get the prize from the cracker

(if the other person gets the prize):

  • The person you pull the cracker with gets the prize

Party Hats[edit | edit source]

Party Hats come in 6 colours, each with a varied rarity[1]:

Item Quantity Rarity
Party Hat (red).pngParty Hat (red)12Common (~32/128)
Party Hat (yellow).pngParty Hat (yellow)12Common (~28/128)
Party Hat (white).pngParty Hat (white)12Common (~23/128)
Party Hat (green).pngParty Hat (green)12Common (~18/128)
Party Hat (blue).pngParty Hat (blue)12Common (~15/128)
Party Hat (pink).pngParty Hat (pink)12Common (~10/128)

In RuneScape 2, the Pink Party Hat was changed to a Purple Party Hat.

Miscellaneous items[edit | edit source]

These drop rates are estimated based on a mix of drop logs, videos, and at times, comparison to later code. See the talk page for more details.

Item Quantity Rarity
Chocolate Slice.pngChocolate Slice12Common (~16/128)
Silk.pngSilk12Common (~10/128)
Holy Symbol of saradomin.pngHoly Symbol of saradomin12Common (~10/128)
Spinach roll.pngSpinach roll12Common (~16/128)
Chocolate Bar.pngChocolate Bar12Common (~24/128)
Silver.pngSilver12Common (~18/128)
Black dagger.pngBlack dagger12Common (~6/128)
Gold ring.pngGold ring12Common (~10/128)
Iron ore certificate.pngIron ore certificate12Common (~14/128)
Law-Rune.pngLaw-Rune13Uncommon (~4/128)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Before a hidden update, when pulling the crackers both players would get something out of it. One person would get the party hat and the other would get a miscellaneous item that could be from coal up to rune armour.[2]
  • Christmas crackers are depicted as having a white wrapper in RuneScape 2.

References[edit | edit source]

  2. "Cracker Updates", "They allways give away party hats they can randomly give away items ranging from choc cake to mith short and some times rune square", 27 December 2001