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A Half full wine jug is a discontinued item. It was originally obtained when taking a gulp of a jug of wine, this would result in a half full wine jug. Taking a second gulp would result in a empty jug.

Jagex later changed the jug of wine so that it would be empty only after taking one gulp.

The only way to have obtained this item would have been to have had one before Jagex changed it. This was the first discontinued item discovered in the game.

Consumable status[edit | edit source]

Although its effects are not known or if they changed from some hidden update, the last reported status was that it restored 5 Hits and lowered Attack by 1[1][2]. Due to its very high value, players will usually keep the item in their bank except when trading it to avoid accidentally drink it. This precaution is extremely important because of the item's value and rarity. Other examples of consumable discontinued items are the Pumpkin and Easter egg.

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