Chaos Temple (Goblin Village)

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For the temple in the Wilderness, see Chaos Temple.
Location on World Map
Ruins (west)
Hero's Guild Chaos Temple Black Knights' Fortress
Goblin Village

The Chaos Temple is a small octagonal building with an altar dedicated to the god Zamorak. There are six level 19 and 29 Monks of Zamorak found inside. It is located between the Goblin Village and Wilderness border, north of Falador.

It is the only location available in RuneScape Classic where the player can acquire Wines of Zamorak, which is most efficiently gathered using the telegrab spell. If the player tries to manually take one from the table, a monk will curse the player and say "A curse be upon you", lowering the players stats and then attacking them. Killing all of the Zamorakian Monks will allow the player to manually retrieve the wine.

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