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Monk Quest was the working title of an unreleased quest that would have required completion of both The restless ghost and Prince Ali rescue. The quest would have been started by Abbot Hoss, the head monk of a monastery who also believed that the red monks, led by Gargola, were tormenting him in his dreams. Abbot Hoss would request that player talk to either Father Lawrence or the Priest in order to find a way to stop the dreams, Father Lawrence would have directed the player to the Priest if asked about the quest.

The Priest would direct the player to Urhney, in the Lumbridge swamp. Urhney would tell the player that they should speak to the leader of the red monks and, after finding out how they were causing Abbot Hoss's nightmares, figure out a way to stop their abilities. The player would then find Gargola, who would tell them that he was causing Abbot Hoss's bad dreams by using an amulet. The player would try to join the red monks so that they can destroy the amulet, although Gargola was suspicious of the player after hearing about how they rescued Prince Ali. Gargola would ask the player to prove their loyalty to the red monks by bringing ten jars of wine, which are needed for their rituals, and dressing in their clothing.

After meeting with Gargola, the player would then go back to Urhney and determine together that the player needs a red cape and that they can destroy the amulet by pouring a Wizard's Mind Bomb, a very acidic drink, on it. The player would then go back to Gargola, who would let them hold the amulet. After the player uses a Wizard's Mind Bomb on the amulet, Gargola would kick them out, and the player could finish the quest by speaking with Abbot Hoss again.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • A sequel to the quest was also planned, where the red monks are again tormenting people in their dreams, this time a monk named Serena.