Hobgoblin Peninsula

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Location on World Map
Dark Wizards Tower
Crandor Hobgoblin Peninsula Crafting Guild
Melzar's Maze

The Hobgoblin peninsula is a small strip of land south west of Falador and west of the Crafting Guild. It is populated by 7 aggressive hobgoblins, and there are also 3 snape grass item spawns here. Players come here to train combat and collect supplies for Herblaw training. It can be accessed by walking onto the peninsula via an opening between Melzars Maze to the south and the Crafting Guild to the east.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • 7 Hobgoblin spawns
  • 3 Snape grass spawns, 1 on the southern end of the peninsula and 2 at the northern tip

Gallery[edit | edit source]