Carnillean Chest

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Carnillean Chest is a piece of scenery found during The Hazeel Cult quest. It is located upstairs in the Carnillean house, in a secret room behind a bookcase. It requires a Carnillean Key to open and contains the Script of Hazeel. The only time a player will interact with it is if they have chosen to side with the cult in the Hazeel Cult quest. It looks exactly like other chests in the game.

When player unlocks the chest they get the following message:

"you use the key to open
the chest
inside the chest you find the sacred script of hazeel"

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Interestingly, using the Carnillean Key to unlock the chest will not consume the key. Players who wish to obtain multiple scripts can do so and are also not required to do the Drop trick.