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Chest is a piece of scenery found all over Gielinor. There are different kinds of chest in the game. Some locked and requiring a key to open, some are open by default.


  • Perhaps I should search it (when chest is closed)
  • I wonder what is inside... (when chest is open)
  • (The chest in Handelmort mansion has the above examines switched)
  • I wonder what is inside ?[sic] (eastern chests in Exam Centre, when closed)

Thieving Chests[edit | edit source]

Main article: Thieving#Chests

Many chests require a Thieving level to open. Some also require a lockpick.

Special Chests[edit | edit source]

Location Key Notes
Shantay Pass None Allows you to access your bank.
Exam Centre (eastern chests) None Contains Cracked rock Sample
Observatory dungeon None Contains poisonous Dungeon spiders and one of them contains 1-dose Cure poison Potion
Gu'Tanoth (south) None Contains poisonous Poison Spider
Sinister Chest, Yanille agility dungeon Sinister key.png Sinister key Contains herbs, only way to get Torstol
Muddy chest Muddy key.png Muddy Key The chest is in the centre of Lava Maze in the Wilderness
Crystal chest Crystal key.png Crystal key Always contains an Uncut dragonstone.

Quest Chests[edit | edit source]

Location Quest Key Contents
Black Arm Gang chest, Varrock Shield of Arrav None Broken shield (right).png Broken shield
Phoenix Gang chest, Varrock Shield of Arrav None Broken shield (left).png Broken shield
Khazard open Chest / Khazard shut Chest in Battle Field Tree Gnome Village None Orb of protection.png Orb of protection
Digsite Digsite Chest key (Digsite).png Chest key Unidentified powder.png Unidentified powder
Underground Pass, near the demons you kill for the amulets Underground Pass Amulet of Holthion.png Amulet of Holthion, Amulet of Doomion, Amulet of Othainian Iban's shadow.png Iban's shadow
Underground Pass, Kardia the Witch's house Underground Pass None Old Journal.png Old Journal, A Doll of Iban.png A Doll of Iban
Tobans chest on the island west of Gu'Tanoth Watchtower Key (Watchtower).png Key Stolen gold.png Stolen gold
Brimhaven mansion Hero's Quest Bunch of keys.png Bunch of keys (for door) Candlestick.png Candlestick.png Two Candlesticks
Handelmort mansion, East Ardougne Tribal Totem None Tribal totem.png Tribal totem
Dwarven Mine Dragon Slayer Wizard's Mind Bomb.png Wizard's Mind Bomb, Silk.png silk, Lobster Pot.png lobster pot, Unfired bowl.png Unfired Bowl (for door) Map Piece (Third).png Map Piece
Basement of Melzar's Maze Dragon Slayer Black key.png Black key, Magenta key.png Magenta key, Orange Key.png Orange Key, Red key.png Red key, Yellow key.png Yellow key for various doors. Map Piece (First).png Map Piece
Southwest corner of Observatory dungeon Observatory Quest None Keep key.png Keep key
Desert Mining Camp (Chest is called the "Captains Chest") Tourist Trap Bedobin Copy Key.png Bedobin Copy Key Technical Plans.png Technical Plans
Gloughs chest in Tree Gnome Stronghold The Grand Tree Glough's key.png Glough's key Glough's notes.png Glough's notes
Carnillean Chest The Hazeel Cult Carnillean Key.png Carnillean Key Script of Hazeel.png Script of Hazeel
Varrock, Blue Moon Inn Pirate's Treasure Chest key (Pirate's treasure).png Chest Key (Pirate's Treasure) Hint of the treasure location
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