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A large collection of books

Bookcase is a piece of scenery found in many buildings of Gielinor. Some bookcases can be searched for books and some can only be examined.

Searchable bookcases[edit | edit source]

Digsite[edit | edit source]

Legend's Quest[edit | edit source]

  • The north-eastern bookcase in Viyeldi caves is special because it can be searched and the character will find a hole that can be climbed to access further in the caverns. Its examine text is "A very roughly constructed bookcase".

Searching will give the following messages:

You search the bookcase...
And find a large gaping hole at the back.
Would you like to climb through the hole?
  • Yes, I'll climb through the hole.
You climb through the hole in the wall..
It's very narrow and you have to contort your body a lot.
After some time, you manage to wriggle out of a small cavern...
  • No, I'll stay here.
You decide to stay where you are.

The Hazeel Cult[edit | edit source]

  • The bookcase on the 1st floor of the Carnillean house. Searching the bookcase while the player has the Carnillean Key will give the player the following message:
"you search the book case
as you pull out one of the books
the shelves slide to the side
revealing a secret passage
you walk through
the passage leads upwards
to an empty room"

Shield of Arrav[edit | edit source]

  • The north-western bookcase that faces away from the west wall in Varrock Library can be searched. Its examine text is "It's a bookcase". You need to search this bookcase during the Shield of Arrav quest.
    • Upon finding the Book it gives the following message:
      • Player: Aha the shield of Arrav
      • Player: That was what I was looking for
      • (You take the book from the bookcase)
    • Otherwise yields the message:
      • (A large collection of books)

Tourist Trap[edit | edit source]

  • The bookcases in Captain Siad's office have 'look' and 'search' options. Looking gives the player the message:
The captain seems to collect lots of books!

Players who search get the following message:

You notice several books on the subject of Sailing.