Large Sewer pipe

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Large Sewer pipe.png

A large Sewer pipe is a piece of scenery found in the northern section of Ardougne sewers. The pipe is first opened during Plague City quest with help of Edmond and a rope. It is later used to travel from West Ardougne Manhole to East Ardougne and vice versa.

It has the same examine text as regular pipe: a dirty sewer pipe

If players try and enter the pipe before removing the grill players get the message "the grill is too secure you can't pull it off alone".

When players use the rope on the pipe players get the message "you tie one end of the rope to the sewer pipe's grill and hold the other end in your hand".

Trying to enter the pipe without a Gasmask players get the message "You should wear your gasmask Before entering west Ardougne".

If a player has a Gasmask: "you climb through the sewer pipe".