Ardougne sewers

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1. Edmond's house to West Ardougne
2. West Ardougne manhole
3. Sewer mine
4. Ladder to blue cog
5. Clock Tower cellar cells
6. Clock Tower cellars
7. Clivet and Hazeel Cult base
8. Thieves & stolen blanket

The Ardougne sewers are a network of dungeons which can be accessed from various locations around East and West Ardougne.

  • There is one section that is used to escape the mansion during the Tribal Totem quest.
  • Another section allows access to West Ardougne during the Plague City quest.
  • Another section contains a maze of sewers that is explored during the The Hazeel Cult quest.
  • Another section is accessed from the Clock Tower and holds the missing cogs that you must find during the quest.

Connection to West Ardougne[edit | edit source]

This section of the sewers is first time accessed during the Plague City quest by using four buckets of water and digging Dug up soil near Edmond's house in East Ardougne.

This part contains Edmond, Rats (level 2 & 8) and a Large Sewer pipe leading to a Manhole in West Ardougne.

Clock Tower cellars[edit | edit source]

The Clock Tower cellars contain four large cogs used in the Clock Tower quest. They can be entered by various ladders northeast of the Clock Tower or from inside the tower.

The blue cog area is entered by a ladder near the Carnillean house across the river and then by pushing an Odd looking wall.

The southern area with a stolen blanket from Monk's Friend quest is entered by a ladder in Kandarin Monastery mine.

Some of the ladders are hidden from the outside. The hidden ladders are:

Ladder Location Destination
Next to purple cog Clock Tower kitchen (sink)
Next to blue cog North of the Clock Tower
Near four coloured tiles Clock Tower entrance (Brother Kojo)

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Hazeel Cult Base[edit | edit source]

Hazeel cult base is found during The Hazeel Cult quest. It can be entered after the Sewer valves have been turned to right directions by entering the Cave entrance and taking the Log raft.

The base contains five Cult members, Alomone, a fire and a Tomb of hazeel.

Ardougne Sewer Mine[edit | edit source]

Main article: Ardougne sewer mine

This part of the sewers is entered through a Manhole near Ardougne Zoo entrance. It is mainly used for the Ardougne sewer mine by lockpicking a level 31 door. There are Rats (level 8) and two Zombies (level 24) in the mine.

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