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Railings are scenery found in Coal Trucks and Underground Pass.

Examine: nice safety measure

Coal Trucks[edit | edit source]

Examine: [sic]

Dwarf commander asks the player to repair the broken railings with railing items during the Dwarf Cannon quest to keep invading Goblins at bay.

Railings can be searched:

"you search the railing",

If not broken:

but find nothing of interest

If broken:

"one railing is broken and needs to be replaced"

Attempting to replace the railing will either succeed:

"you replace the railing with no problems"

or fail:

"you fail and cut yourself trying" [3 hits damage].

Underground Pass[edit | edit source]

Railings are thieving content in the Underground Pass. There are many of them scattered around the dungeon.

Jail[edit | edit source]

Jail railings. Examine: [sic]

Railings form the jails in the second level of Underground Pass. Slaves are inside prisons and the railings can be lock-picked to enter. One of the jails has a dug up soil used to proceed in the caves.

Level 50 Thieving[edit | edit source]

Railings are also lock-picked for a shortcut and to get a worm hole in the second level of Underground Pass. Both of these lock-pickings require level 50 thieving.

Unicorn Cage[edit | edit source]

Also in the second level, railings are lock-picked to find a railing item in the Unicorn cage.

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