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Open periods were the times when access to RuneScape Classic has been closed and temporarily re-opened to the public, allowing new accounts and players explore the world of Gielinor as it began. Each open period was planned to last two weeks and required a player to be a member to login to Classic. After "classic-enabling" their account, players were allowed an indefinite amount of logins to Classic, but were still required to be a member to play. During closed periods, accounts that had not been "enabled" were revoked access to the Classic servers. RuneScape Classic was closed entirely and taken offline indefinitely on 6 August 2018.

History[edit | edit source]

Since 11 November 2009 the re-opening and closing periods were planned to occur every half year, but the open period in June 2010 was the last one to follow this pattern, as the re-opening planned for the beginning of 2011 was skipped.

Start date End date
11 November 2009 25 November 2009
1 June 2010 15 June 2010
15 September 2011 29 September 2011
11 January 2016 6 August 2018

At RuneFest 2015, it was stated that RuneScape Classic would be re-opened to the public sometime in January 2016, in order to celebrate the 15th anniversary of RuneScape's creation.

The servers were supposed to close again at the end of 2016. However, this has not been the case, and the servers remained open until their indefinite closing on 6 August 2018, when the game servers were taken offline.

World 1 "Veteran" access[edit | edit source]

Any RuneScape Classic accounts that logged in between the dates of 3 August 2005 and 12 January 2006 were enabled to play on the "Veteran" server (World 1).