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2011 gave the "last opportunity" to member players to gain access to Runescape Classic.

  • The re-opening planned for the beginning of the year did not take place.
  • On 9 August 2011, some major friends list bugs were fixed.
  • On 30 August 2011, the RuneScape Classic client was updated to accommodate email logins.
  • On 14 September 2011, RuneScape Classic was temporarily re-opened for a two-week period for subscribing RuneScape 2 members. This was a third and last such re-opening. Jagex revealed a few weeks prior that this would be the last ever chance to access the Classic game. While it was not actually the "last" reopening, it would be 5 years later in 2016 before RuneScape Classic would be re-opened again.
  • At this point, only three RuneScape Classic servers remained. World 1 is accessible to "veteran" accounts only (those logged in between 3 August 2005 and 3 February 2006).