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The bank vault is a piece of scenery only available at the basement of the western Varrock bank. It features 6 coin spawns, 2 brass necklace spawns and 2 gold nuggets spawns. Players cannot access directly through the gate, attempting to do so will yield the message the gate is locked. The spell telekinetic grab may be used on the vault's items.

The coin amounts a player may get per grab are:

  • 42 coins
  • 66 coins
Bank vault.png

In the day of release (23 January 2001), people went into venturing into the vault to see the items and got stuck inside.[1] This was later on fixed so people could just see the vault or have to telekinetic grab individual items.

Outside of the vault there is a coin spawn of 3 coins.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Bank vault historical.jpg
  • On the day of release, the bank vault was behind a double wooden door whose examine would read A locked door to the bank vault
  • In some hidden update after the "bank vault robbery" the area of the vault was removed
  • The bank vault was incorporated back into the game in 12 June 2001. It is the first time it would use a metallic gates scenery with examine text A locked gate to the bank vault
  • In December 2001 the model of the bank vault's door got changed and would become the final one used

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