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The Witchaven dungeon or "pillars of Zanash" is a dungeon which may be entered east of the market in East Ardougne. A ladder leading down, encircled with Archways and Pillars scenery objects serve as the entrance to the dungeon. In the Ardougne tourist guide, the pillars are described as "the pillars of Zanash", though the book incorrectly states that they are found west of the city.

The player is sent here to find 'perfect' gold by Boot the Dwarf during the events of the Family Crest quest.

Monsters[edit | edit source]

Opening the Gate[edit | edit source]

There are levers in the dungeon very much like those found in the Ernest the Chicken quest. This puzzle will open a door when solved, which then leads to a room which contains multiple Hellhounds and rocks which can be mined for the "perfect" gold ore that Avan asks for during the Family Crest quest. This 'perfect' gold ore is different from the regular variety, but can be used to smith regular gold items. (See below for a solution to the puzzle)

  1. Go down the ladder, pass the level 48 Hobgoblins.
  2. Enter the northern cave-like room. Pull the lever down on the north wall, where you will see a level 58 Ogre.
  3. Go to the south wall, where there are two doors. Enter the room, pull the lever down.
  4. Go back to north wall and pull the lever up.
  5. Enter the north room and pull the lever down.
  6. Exit the room and pull the lever on the wall down again.
  7. Go to the south room and pull the lever up.

You will then be able to enter the cage area between the rooms and will be faced with a level 114 Hellhound.

Mining rocks[edit | edit source]

Rock Mining Quantity
Level Exp
Gold rock.png Gold 40 65 3

Gallery[edit | edit source]