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Wet Rocks are another type of agility obstacle encountered during the Shilo Village (quest). They can be climbed to get out of Ah Za Roon. Alternatively, [layers can exit via crafting a Crude Raft and float it out. Players who successfully navigate the obstacle will receive 25 agility xp and 0.53% fatigue. On the other hand, failing to navigate the obstacle gives the player 1.25 xp.

Messages[edit | edit source]

Searching the rocks:

You see a huge waterfall blocking your path.
The rocks look quite perilous but you could try scale them.
Or maybe you could use something to float through the waterfall?
Yes, I'll try to climb out
You start searching for handholds in the slippery cave entrance...
[If player succeeds]
You manage to work your way along the slippery wall
and avoid falling into the water below.
You make it out of the cave
[If player fails]

*** YOU FALL ***

You slip into the water and get washed out through the waterfall!
You're pumelled as the thrashing water throws
you against the rocks...
You are washed onto the waterfall river bank
barely alive!
and into the warmth of the jungle.
No,[sic] thanks, I'll look for another exit.
You decide to have another look around.
And see if you can find a better way to get out.

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