Web (Sinclair Mansion)

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The web in Sinclair Mansion is a special web that must be investigated during the Murder Mystery quest if the player has found out that David Sinclair might be guilty or hasn't been able to determine between the six members of the family. In order to be able to investigate it, the player needs to have spoken with the distinct family members for clues.

Investigating it prior the start of the quest and after its completion:

You need the guards permission to do that

Investigating it after accepting the quest:

It looks like a Spiders Nest of some kind

Investigating it after the player has spoken with the Poison Salesman and the distinct family members leads to two cases. One in which David used the poison on the web (not guilty) and one in which he didn't (guilty).

Investigating when David is not guilty:

A faint smell of poison and a few dead spiders
is all that remains of the spiders nest

Investigating when David is guilty:

There is a spiders nest here
You estimate there must be at least a few hundred spiders ready to hatch
Its[sic] certainly clear nobodies[sic] used poison here.