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This is an article about the low level warriors. For other uses see Warrior (disambiguation)

Al kharid warrior.png

Released 21 January 2001 (Update)
Combat level 18
Hitpoints 19
Stats (?) 20/17/18
Hits XP (?) 14
Experience (?) 42
Fatigue (?) 0.56%
Hostility Retreats (?)
Pay-to-play No
Poisonous No
Max hit Unknown edit
Weakness None
Examine A member of Al Kharid's military
Warrior Woman.png

Released 4 January 2001 (Update)
Combat level 27
Hitpoints 20
Stats (?) 35/25/30
Hits XP (?) 18.5
Experience (?) 55.5
Fatigue (?) 0.74%
Hostility Retreats (?)
Pay-to-play No
Poisonous No
Max hit Unknown edit
Weakness None
Examine A skilled fighter

Warriors are non-aggressive semi-strong monsters located in numerous locations over Gielinor in RuneScape Classic. They do not pose much of a threat and are sometimes killed for their item drops and the combat XP which they grant. Warriors are represented in male and female genders, each with differing stats.

Thieving[edit | edit source]

Locations[edit | edit source]

Level 18[edit | edit source]

Level 27[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

  • The level 18 warrior is a tan skin toned man with short black hair and a black beard, wearing a purple shirt and black pants. He is holding some kind of iron or steel shield and sword.
  • The level 27 warrior is a light skin toned woman with yellow hair, she appears to be wearing a female plate mail body, Plate Mail Legs, and is wielding an axe or battle axe - all of either iron or steel.


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Drops[edit | edit source]

100% Drops[edit | edit source]

Image Item Quantity Rarity
Bones.png Bones 1 1Always

Runes[edit | edit source]

Image Item Quantity Rarity
Fire-Rune.png Fire-Rune 4 2Common
Mind-Rune.png Mind-Rune 6 2Common
Chaos-Rune.png Chaos-Rune 1 4Rare

Herbs[edit source]

All herbs are dropped in Unidentified form.

Image Item Quantity Rarity
Herb.png Guam leaf 1 2Common
Herb.png Marrentill 1 2Common
Herb.png Tarromin 1 2Common
Herb.png Harralander 1 2Common
Herb.png Ranarr Weed 1 3Uncommon
Herb.png Irit Leaf 1 3Uncommon
Herb.png Avantoe 1 3Uncommon
Herb.png Kwuarm 1 3Uncommon
Herb.png Cadantine 1 4Rare
Herb.png Dwarf Weed 1 4Rare

Other Drops[edit | edit source]

Image Item Quantity Rarity
Coins.png Coins 3–5 2Common
Bronze Arrows.png Bronze Arrow 7 2Common
Medium Bronze Helmet.png Medium Bronze Helmet 1 2Common
Fishing Bait.png Fishing Bait 1 2Common
Iron dagger.png Iron dagger 1 3Uncommon
Copper ore.png Copper ore 1 3Uncommon
Cabbage.png Cabbage 1 3Uncommon