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Description Date World 1 World 2 World 3 World 4 World 5 World 6 World 7 World 8 World 9 World 10 World 11 World 12 World 13 World 14
The official RuneScape bulletin board is now online. It's a great place to chat with other players about all aspects of the game. Jagex has integrated it with the RuneScape game, so you can postmessage just by using your exisiting RuneScape login. Click the link on the side-bar of Runescape's official website to try it out. 2001-01-24
Jagex has moved all the RuneScape content from to it's very own website at Jagex has also improved. 2001-01-25
"The people who host my site are having some troubles, which suffice to say I am VERY unhappy about. As a temporary solution I have placed an emergency copy of the game back online at this url: Thanks Andrew " 2001-01-25
" I've been busy this last week setting up a new server, and modifying RuneScape to use it. I'm pleased to announce that RuneScape is now running using two dedicated servers. This should allow more simultaneous players, and make the game more reliable at peak times. " 2001-03-10 Separated from webserver
"We seem to be having a few server problems at the moment. This is due to the large amount of new code we added to the game yesterday. I'm working on fixing it though, so please be patient, and I'll get everything running smoothly as soon as possible. The good news is that I think I have just resolved the server down-time issues, so hopefully the server won't go offline completely anymore. There is still an issue with certain players having problems when more than 1024 people play at once, this is only a problem at peak times and I expect to fix it on Sunday evening. Also I expect to get the message boards, current-players, and password-emailing features working again on Monday. These have just been temporarily disabled whilst I get the new server code working properly. " 2001-04-07
"I have now fixed the majority of the problems with the new server. All the major problems are now sorted, and I'm now working on a few less critical issues. I'm also going to update the world-map as soon as possible so you can find your way around Asgarnia. More good news is that I have just put the message boards back-online. I have taken the chance to redesign and improve them, so I hope you like the new design! " 2001-04-10
"Runescape is still growing massively in popularity. There are now so many players at peak times that I've just ordered a 3rd dedicated server to cope, and I hope to receive it within a few days time. The new server will be used to run a 2nd copy of the runescape world to reduce the overcrowding. The 2nd world will be exactly the same as the current one, and so will effectively allow twice as many people to play Runescape at once. When logging in you will be able to choose which server to play on, and will still be able to private message your friends even if they are playing on the other server. The existing saved games will work on either world. " 2001-05-05 -
"The new runescape server is online! I was planning on testing it a bit more and launching it tommorow, but so many people are trying to play tonight that the system couldn't cope so I've been forced to launch it early. Hopefully everyone who wants to play will be able to now. Important: You can only play on one server at a time. If you try to log onto both servers simultaneously with the same account you will be told "Invalid username/password". This message should read "Username already in use", but currently does not. I will fix this tommorow, and I will also improve the page which lets you select the server so that it displays the number of players in each. " 2001-05-09 - Added
" Last night saw over 2000 simultaneous RuneScape players for the first time ever. Hurrah! To keep up with the increasing number of players I've just ordered yet another server to help keep the game running smoothly. I hope to have it within a few days. " 2001-05-24 - -
" The 4th runescape server is now online! (this means we now have 3 game servers, and 1 web server). It has now been fully connected so you can use it with both the windows and online versions of the game I have also modifed the game to prevent people from logging in multiple players at once from the same machine, because doing so is against the rules! If you have problems with the system seeing your home-network as a single machine, then try using the window client which is better at detecting your network configuration. Update: Even if you can't use the windows client then up to 3 people on the same home-network can still play at once, as long as each player uses a different server. 2001-05-25 - - Added
"Andrew: We had 3 servers originally, but once the servers hit 1000 players the entire server died and needed physically rebooting. All three servers did this so we thought it must be something wrong with the software, but try as we might we couldn't work out what was wrong. This was a bit of a problem because Classic was full and we needed all the capacity we could get. A few years later, we wanted to upgrade the memory in the servers, but they were in the US and we got a strange phone call from the company doing the work saying there was melted plastic all over the computer and they'd forgotten to take the plastic covers off the heat sinks! They scraped the plastic off, put the heat sinks back on the right way around and they worked fine after that!" blogpost
"I just finished setting up another server help run RuneScape. The new server isn't being used to run another parallel world, but is instead working behind the scenes to help manage the save-games. This gives a total of 3 world servers, and 2 support servers. This should hopefully increase the total system capacity to 4000 players at once. " 2001-07-17 US US US US
"Runescape is now back online! The reason is was unavailable last night is because my hosting company 'skynetweb' had a power failure which reset one of my main servers. (so much for their backup power-supplies, and supposed reliability!) Skynetweb have had repeated problems since I joined them, so I guess it's time to find a new hosting company. " 2001-08-21
"As you probably know yesterday Runescape moved to a new ISP. Please help me access the quality of my new servers by voting with the form below. I know some people are finding them better, and others are finding them worse. I'd like to know percentages so please could everyone vote below to let me know. Moving the servers was very expensive so I hope lots of people are finding an improvement. Also note that I am unlikely to move the servers back to their old ISP regardless of the result of this survey, since I just can't afford to do so. I just don't have enough money for another move due to not enough banner clicks." 2001-10-09
"My server:Redhat 7.1, 2.4.9 kernel, Ai7cxxx SCSI controller, 2x1ghz P3 (SMP), IntelE100 netcard (I am using the e100.o driver not the eepro100.o which had even more problems). 512meg ECC ram" 2001-11-10[1]
2001-12-27 US US US US
"Our order of two new servers arrived from Dell yesterday, and after a few hours work they are now setup and running world 5 and world 6. This increases the total capacity to 7500 simultaneous players." (1250 players / server). 2002-01-03 - - - - US [Added] US [Added]
2002-02-04 US US US US US US
One of the servers has become P2P!
2002-03-06 US (F2P) US (F2P) US (F2P) US (P2P) US (F2P) US (P2P)
"Two new runescape worlds are now online! These new worlds are hosted in a different location to our previous 6 worlds to increase your chances of being able to find a server to which you get a good connection to the game. I've made one of the new worlds a members server, and one of them a free-edition server. This means RuneScape now has 8 worlds, a total capacity of 10,000 simultaneous users and a massive 35mbps of dedicated bandwidth! Once I'm happy the new hosting company is ok I will buy another 2 uk worlds to increase our capacity even further." (1250 players / server). 2002-03-19 - - - - - - Added (UK) Added (UK)
"We are going to order yet another server to run another two worlds. This time based in New-york. This will give users a choice of three different hosting companies to connect to. Once this goes online there will be a total 7 free worlds, and 3 members worlds." 2002-03-22
"New-York worlds are online. We're pleased to say that we've just brought more new worlds online at a third hosting facility. This means you now have even more choice about where to play which should reduce crowding and lag even further. We are aware that some people are worried about how these extra servers will affect spawn rates. Don't worry we are going to change the algorithms used to calculate spawn rates, to compensate for this. "

"Members servers are world 6 Philidelphia world 8 England world 14 New York

Free Servers are : Worlds 1, 2 and 5 Philidelphia Worlds 7, 9 and 10 England Worlds 11,12 and 13 New york"[1]

2002-04-22 Philadelphia (F2P) Philadelphia (F2P) - - Philadelphia (F2P) Philadelphia (P2P) England (F2P) England (P2P) England (F2p) England (F2P) New York (F2P) New York (F2P) New York (F2P) New York (P2P)
"The RuneScape database is now running from a faster server so everything should be a lot more reliable now. I have also adjusted the network settings of the New-York servers, so hopefully they are a lot less laggy now. If you live in the US then you should try them out again. " 2002-07-19
2002-08-02 Philadelphia (F2P) Philadelphia (F2P) Philadelphia (F2P) Philadelphia (F2P) Philadelphia (F2P) Philadelphia (P2P) England (F2P) England (P2P) England (F2p) - - New York (F2P) New York (F2P) New York (P2P)
2002-10-04 Philadelphia (F2P) Philadelphia (F2P) Philadelphia (F2P) Philadelphia (F2P) Philadelphia (F2P) Philadelphia (P2P) England (F2P) England (P2P) England (F2p) - - New York (F2P) New York (F2P) New York (P2P)
"This morning we upgraded our philadelphia servers. We've made the following improvements: All philadelphia servers moved to a new power circuit Our main database server has twice as much memory (it now has 2gig) We've replaced our webserver with a new one which is four times more powerful" 2002-11-11
2002-12-05 Philadelphia (F2P) Philadelphia (F2P) Philadelphia (F2P) Philadelphia (F2P) Philadelphia (F2P) Philadelphia (P2P) England (F2P) England (P2P) England (F2P) England (F2P) England (P2P) England (F2P) New York (F2P) New York (P2P)
2002-12-06 Philadelphia (F2P) Philadelphia (F2P) Philadelphia (F2P) Philadelphia (F2P) Philadelphia (F2P) Philadelphia (P2P) England (F2P) England (P2P) England (F2P) England (F2P) England (P2P) England (F2P) New York (F2P) New York (P2P)
"The RuneScape worlds were getting rather full again so we've put some more online. As previously promised the servers are on the west coast of the US this time. We've added 3 free servers, and 1 new members server. " 2002-12-23
"We have moved our New York server (hosting worlds 13 and 14) to San Francisco because a very large number of players told us the New York connection was very poor. The fact that very few players actually used these worlds in their old location backed this up. Hopefully worlds 13 and 14 will now run much faster, on their new connection in San Francisco. " 2003-04-24
"Powercut affecting SF servers I apologise for the lack of San-Franciso servers. Hopefully they will be fixed soon One of our upstream providers appears to be suffering from a powercut. It turns out that there was a power failure on the entire facility last night. Power problems started in Calif around 4 pm yesterday. The backup generators came on, and apparently ran out of fuel. All customers in that facility connected to those generators are now off-line. PG&E;, the local utility, is estimating that they will start looking at that building around 7 am PST. " 2003-08-25
"Following a lot of negative feedback regarding the Singapore server we've decided to relocate it. It seems that it just doesn't provide a better connection to most people in that part of the world, despite being physically nearer. Our poll showed that even amongst people living in Australia and Singapore, a mammoth 63% found it WORSE than our other servers, and only 16% found it significantly better. This is very disappointing and clearly doesn't justify keeping the server there. Especially given how much hosting costs are in that part of the world (10 times the price, of what we pay in san-franciso!) Therefore our Singapore server is being taken offline today, and we are shipping it to Toronto - Canada, to see if it can be of more value to our users there." 2003-08-25
"25th August 2003 - SF servers back online I apologise for the problems with the San-Franciso servers today. The problem has now been fixed and the servers should be functioning normally again

The following is an overview of events leading to the outage and subsequent restoration. 1.On August 24, 2003 at approximately 1:30 PM PGE experienced a power failure on the lines servicing the San Franciso hosting facilitiy 2.At this time the facility went on UPS Power and then subsequently generator backup without incident. 3.This backup continued to run until August 25, 2003 at 2:47 AM when a component in the generator itself failed. The component that failed is known as a CT and monitors power within the generator. Due to a manufacturers design problem, the CT was not physically restrained to prevent possible movement within the generator. 4.At some point after running for 14 plus hours the CT physically spun inside the generator causing a physical short between two of the electrical phases, which in-turn caused several of the control boards to fail. With built in safeties, the generator shut itself down. 5.The Building Engineering staff was notified that the generator failed and they started repair efforts. The generator technicians were called and dispatched to the facility. 6.At 7:30 AM PGE dispatched a truck to reconnect the facility to the power grid. 7.At 8:03 AM PG&E; reconnected the power grid and power was restored." || 2003-08-25 ||

"Damnit, jagex had what, 12-15 worlds for RSC now it's down to 1!!!! What the hell is that, now there's 500 people in 1 world! UGH!" 2009-11-26