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Hi there, I'm Zorak Plorak, a Dutch RS3, RS2 and RSC player. I have played RuneScape since 2006 and RuneScape Classic since the first reopening in 2009. Feel free to contact me on my talkpage. Over time I have met several contributors on RuneScape Classic: Tollerach, Jlun2, and Enyana.

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RunesScape Classic Wiki
Attack: 40
Hits: 41
Mining: 40
Strength: 42
Agility: 35
Smithing: 36
Defense: 40
Herblaw: 22
Fishing: 26
Ranged: 20
Thieving: 40
Cooking: 24
Prayer: 37
Crafting: 23
Firemaking: 36
Magic: 45
Fletching: 22
Woodcut: 43
Quest 42
Total 612
Combat 51
At 18 April 2012