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Hi, my main username for runescape and the one that has classic access is Krazy_kid314. I am a veteran classic player. Having started classic in fall 2004 however i am probably just about the newest veternan. For my stats in rs2 you can view the high scores on the runescape site. for classic the following are my levels


RunesScape Classic Wiki
Attack 35 Edit
Hits 36 Edit
Mining 41 Edit
Strength 41 Edit
Agility 35 Edit
Smithing 31 Edit
Defense 30 Edit
Herblaw 21 Edit
Fishing 31 Edit
Ranged 1 Edit
Thieving 32 Edit
Cooking 33 Edit
Prayer 31 Edit
Crafting 27 Edit
Firemaking 44 Edit
Magic 43 Edit
Fletching 29 Edit
Woodcut 40 Edit
Quest Edit
Total 581
Combat 44.75
At 01-01-2000

combat 44 quest points 41

I am relatively new to wikias but am not afraid to post corrections to an article if i see any errors in content or grammar, or if i feel the wording may be unclear or misleading. I am more likely to be found in the current version of runescape rather than classic, but i am fascinated by classic and have remained an active occasional user of classic for years.