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Welcome to my talk page! Click here to play RuneScape Classic

About me[edit | edit source]


RunesScape Classic Wiki
Attack 9 Edit
Hits 13 Edit
Mining 1 Edit
Strength 10 Edit
Agility 14 Edit
Smithing 1 Edit
Defense 8 Edit
Herblaw 1 Edit
Fishing 7 Edit
Ranged 1 Edit
Thieving 2 Edit
Cooking 14 Edit
Prayer 3 Edit
Crafting 3 Edit
Firemaking 9 Edit
Magic 1 Edit
Fletching 1 Edit
Woodcut 10 Edit
Quest Edit
Total 108
Combat 10.5
At 28th February 2010

Hey, the name's Nick, however most people around will know me as Vermin.

I've always been a real enthusiast of RuneScape Classic; i admire it's more challenging gameplay style, but i was never fortunate enough to have played back in it's day.

I took no haste in creating myself an account when RuneScape Classic was temporarily reopened, and i have really grown attatched to the game.

I seek further knowledge in the game and i have now become active on this Wiki in order to help share my knowledge of the game and find information within this close community.

My favorite pages[edit | edit source]

My Contributions[edit | edit source]

I am currently working on expanding existing articles within the Wiki, particularly articles on items. I have also created several new articles and would greatly appreciate your contributions to them! This Wiki needs you!

Here are the articles i've been working on most recently - join in and help out!

Other Wikis I Work On[edit | edit source]

Here's a list of the other Wikis i'm active on: