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Old School RuneScape Wiki Profile

RSCRevolution[edit | edit source]

Since the official RuneScape Classic servers were shut down, RSCRevolution is how I experience RuneScape Classic. It's not the most authentic way to play RuneScape Classic as:

If RuneScape Classic ever makes an official return, I may play the official game instead.

TDPNeji[edit | edit source]

Quest Points: 22 Fletching: 1
Attack: 45 Fishing: 6
Defence: 40 Firemaking: 19
Strength: 40 Crafting: 15
Hits: 42 Smithing: 28
Ranged: 18 Mining: 31
Prayer: 26 Herblaw: 1
Magic: 39 Agility: 1
Cooking: 27 Thieving: 11
Woodcut: 21 Slayer: 3
Overall levels
Total level: 414 Combat level: 49
As of 25 January 2022

Quests[edit | edit source]

00percent.png - not yet started
50percent.png - started
100percent.png - completed
Free to Play (Difficulty Level) (Quest Point(s) Reward)

Pay to Play (Difficulty Level) (Quest Point(s) Reward)