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Template documentation
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The Infotable Bonuses templates are used to display the stat bonuses of one or multiple items, and can calculate a total to display at the bottom.

Quick copy & paste

{{Infotable Bonuses header}}
{{Infotable Bonuses row|name=|aim=0|power=0|armour=0|magic=0|prayer=0}}
{{Infotable Bonuses totals}}
{{Infotable Bonuses footer}}


{{Infotable Bonuses header
|image    = <!-- (Optional) Adds an image to the right side of the table -->
{{Infotable Bonuses row
|name     = <!-- Name of the item -->
|altname  = <!-- (Optional) Alternative name to display -->
|pic      = <!-- (Optional) Alternative icon to display -->
|gif      = <!-- (Optional) Use a gif instead of png for the icon -->
|hideicon = <!-- (Optional) Hides the item icon -->
|aim    = <!-- Item Aim bonus -->
|power   = <!-- Item Power bonus -->
|armour   = <!-- Item Armour bonus -->
|magic   = <!-- Item Magic bonus -->
|prayer   = <!-- Item Prayer bonus -->
{{Infotable Bonuses totals}}
{{Infotable Bonuses footer}}

Infotable Bonuses header

image: (Optional) Adds an image to the right side of the table, typically used for displaying full armour sets.

Infotable Bonuses row

name: The name of the item (the page that gets linked to).
altname: (Optional) An alternative name to display.
pic: (Optional) An alternative icon to display.
gif: (Optional) Set to gif=yes to change the image extension from .gif to .png.
hideicon: (Optional) Set to hideicon=yes to hide the icon entirely.
Stat params: All of the stat parameters are required. If left empty, the cell will display as ?.

Infotable Bonuses totals

An optional template, used to display the running stat totals of all the rows before it.

Infotable Bonuses footer

A simple footer template used to close the table. Equivalent to |}, but is used to make parsing wikitext easier.

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