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Greeting[edit | edit source]

Hello My Runescape Username is Moongazer27. I have just recently begun playing RSC, and i enjoy it very much. Unfortunatly i have noticed Just how precious little information there is about classic. Therfore i have decided to begin helping to acquire more information about classic for this wiki.

Highscores[edit | edit source]


RunesScape Classic Wiki
Attack 29 Edit
Hits 29 Edit
Mining 46 Edit
Strength 29 Edit
Agility 27 Edit
Smithing 33 Edit
Defense 29 Edit
Herblaw 4 Edit
Fishing 30 Edit
Ranged 1 Edit
Thieving 25 Edit
Cooking 30 Edit
Prayer 17 Edit
Crafting 1 Edit
Firemaking 9 Edit
Magic 1 Edit
Fletching 2 Edit
Woodcut 9 Edit
Quest Edit
Total 351
Combat 31.25
At 06-19-2010