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About me[edit | edit source]

Hi. My username ingame is Krayfishkarl. Although I mostly make edits to the Runescape Wiki, I decided to come here, too, to help. Despite my noobishly low stats in Runescape Classic, I am considered a Veteran player as I logged in during that one time when Runescape Classic was closing down.

Playing Runescape Classic brings back a lot of memories since it highly resembles the RuneScape I played back in October 2004. I'm glad that classic is still around as I get to travel back in time to the old days when getting a Legend's Cape was the greatest thing, and that you could kill people in the Wilderness. Around the time when I first started playing in 2004, I didn't really get into Classic as it just seemed like a carbon copy of RuneScape 2 at the time, just with not as much advanced graphics. But now, I have decided to become a more active Classic player seeing as it is now a completely different game than RuneScape 2. Of course, I still play both games since they are both equally awesome. Eventually, I'll get my Classic account to catch up to what I have in RuneScape 2.


Wiki Achievements[edit | edit source]

Wow! I sure was active my first day. Almost 100 edits in one day.

Update: Whoah! I'm already a featured user a day after I had only begun editing this wiki?! That was quick. :-)