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About me[edit | edit source]

A fan of the skill fletching, I plan to get 99 fletching in RSC. Right now, I have 70 fletching levels. I'm buying Natures at the moment and training Magic so that I can High Alch my bows. I got 55 Magic a long time ago and now have 70 Fletching. I can finally make Yew longbows.
How I train Fletching:
This also levels up Woodcutting
How I train Crafting(To get bowstrings):
The Bed besides the Spining Wheel means I dont have to worry about Fatigue

Recently, I managed to get myself a set of Party Hats from other players:
Too bad I had to return them =P

More recently, I've seem to become a Bearded Lady due to Jagex's sick attempt at humor a glitch.
What has science done?

I'm now an owner of a Santa's hat. Yay! Edit: Gave it away to a FMod.


RunesScape Classic Wiki
Attack 60 Edit
Hits 52 Edit
Mining 43 Edit
Strength 46 Edit
Agility 26 Edit
Smithing 28 Edit
Defense 46 Edit
Herblaw 31 Edit
Fishing 49 Edit
Ranged 35 Edit
Thieving 59 Edit
Cooking 51 Edit
Prayer 41 Edit
Crafting 38 Edit
Firemaking 45 Edit
Magic 61 Edit
Fletching 70 Edit
Woodcut 73 Edit
Quest Edit
Total 854
Combat 63.75
At May 19 2011

Goals[edit | edit source]

  • 99 Fletching <--- 66/99 ccomplete!
  • Own, not obtain, a rare. <--- Got Blue H'ween Mask
  • Get my first 1 million coins (100% complete) <---- Woot! Done on May 5 2011
  • Get 10M (100% complete) <--- Yay! Done on May 8 2011
  • Obtain 50M in Cash (100% complete) <--- Got 15 1000 million coins atm

I win



Sprites CheckList[edit | edit source]

All the Sprites of the player(Front/Back/Side):

  • All 15 colors of Pants
  • All 15 colors of Shirts
  • All Genders
  • All Skin Colors
  • All Faces
  • All Swords (Bronze,Iron,Steel,Mithril,Adamantite,Rune,Dragon)
  • Al Maces (Bronze,Iron,Steel,Mithril,Adamantite,Rune)
  • All Battle Axes (Bronze,Iron,Steel,Mithril,Adamantite,Rune,Dragon)
  • All Chain Mails (Bronze,Iron,Steel,Mithril,Adamantite,Rune)
  • All Plate Bodies (Bronze,Iron,Steel,Mithril,Adamantite,Rune)
  • All Plate Tops (Bronze,Iron,Steel,Mithril,Adamantite,Rune)
  • All Plate Legs (Bronze,Iron,Steel,Mithril,Adamantite,Rune)
  • All Plate Skirts (Bronze,Iron,Steel,Mithril,Adamantite,Rune)
  • All Shields (Wood,Bronze,Iron,Steel,Mithril,Adamantite,Rune,Dragon)
  • All Range Weapons (Crossbow,Bow)
  • All Party Hats (Red,Yellow,Blue,Green,Pink,White)
  • All Staves (Staff,Iban/Zamorak,Saradomin)
  • All Capes (Black,Red,Green,Blue,Yellow,Orange,Purple, Legends)
  • All Discontinued (Bunny Ears,Scythe)
  • All Boots (Gnome,Leather)
  • All Aprons (White,Brown)
  • All Large Helmets (Bronze,Iron,Steel,Mithril,Adamantite,Rune)
  • All Medium Helmets (Bronze,Iron,Steel,Mithril,Adamantite,Rune)
  • All Robe Tops (Monk,Zamorak,Druid,Gnome,Wizard(Black/Blue))
  • All Robe Bottoms (Monk,Zamorak,Druid,Gnome,Wizard(Black/Blue))
  • All Hats (Wizards(Black/Blue),Gnome)
  • All Gloves (Leather,Klank's)
  • All Masks (H'ween(Red/Blue/Green),Gas)
  • All Amulets

Whew...That's Alot.

My favorite pages[edit | edit source]