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The Introduction
[edit | edit source]

Before I began RuneScape Classic, it was the 2nd to last year before they closed RSC to new members. JaGeX had stated, "You must be a RuneScape Member if you wish to log into RuneScape Classic". At the time it was re-released, I was still currently a f2p member, not having enough money to buy membership. But, I was fascinated over what this "OldSchool Runescape" is; so I saved up my 'Online' money just to purchase this me a one month's worth of membership. The Re-opening date when I joined RSC was on June 1 of someodd year. Something drived me to play this game... I'm not sure what it is now, but my mind thought it would be intriguing to play RuneScape without a Grand Exchange.

Currently, I'm in-active on RSC but I do play Old-School RuneScape 2007 from time to time.


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Attack: 20
Hits: 22
Mining: 19
Strength: 20
Agility: 19
Smithing: 9
Defense: 20
Herblaw: 1
Fishing: 18
Ranged: 1
Thieving: 14
Cooking: 19
Prayer: 16
Crafting: 4
Firemaking: 7
Magic: 10
Fletching: 10
Woodcut: 24
Quest 31
Total 253
Combat 23.75
At 2013, March 22

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