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Hi I'm halonerd101, my runescape name is Walter VIII. I've been playing Runescape since 2003, right before RS2 came out. I became more of a Runescape 2 person. I lost my accounts password and now have a new account since 2006. I got access to classic in the first time it came out again, but haven't played till recently. I was giving armor sets up to mithril, and 100k. I wish to play it and get it more popular with my friends who have access. Besides that I am really active in Runescape, especially with the World 31 clan system. I wish to meet more people in RSC to actually have people to play with. :)


RunesScape Classic Wiki
Attack: 20
Hits: 20
Mining: 2
Strength: 20
Agility: 1
Smithing: 1
Defense: 20
Herblaw: 1
Fishing: 6
Ranged: 7
Thieving: 3
Cooking: 17
Prayer: 11
Crafting: 3
Firemaking: 7
Magic: 9
Fletching: 1
Woodcut: 6
Quest 1
Total 155
Combat 22.5
At 6 December 2013