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About me[edit | edit source]

My name in game is currently Lady Iban.

I officially started RSC after completing my goals of getting max/comp/trim on RS3, my name at the time was EngelNacht. And I have completed my RSC goal which was to complete all quests. I will now mostly be seeking to get a Dragon Medium Helmet and a Dragon Square Shield.


RunesScape Classic Wiki
Attack: 62
Hits: 61
Mining: 54
Strength: 62
Agility: 51
Smithing: 52
Defense: 62
Herblaw: 46
Fishing: 54
Ranged: 39
Thieving: 51
Cooking: 55
Prayer: 44
Crafting: 50
Firemaking: 31
Magic: 58
Fletching: 27
Woodcut: 50
Quest 1112
Total 909
Combat 74.5
At 1 December 2014