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My Current Adventures[edit | edit source]

Hi, welcome to my userpage. I'm using it like to track my progress starting from 22 August 2010. Thanks for visiting ^^

December 16: Wow, been gone a long time. Good to be back. Oh, why do I even both to write these... Oh yes, to keep my sanity. Err, to... Um... Document? xD. Well, whatever the reason, I'm writing it anyway. Training agility to 50 (maybe - probably). Boring. Wish me luck. :/.

Levels gained today: 49 Defense, 50 Ranged.

August 31 - September 6th: I will be inactive during this time.

30 August: Barely anything done yesterday. Today will be far better. Just acheived 59 Woodcut, and 55 Fletching. I think I'll have atleast 60 Woodcut and 56 Fletching by the end of the day (:. Edit: Ok, I've decided to powercut to 65 Woodcut before continuing fletching. From there I will be doing willows. Yeah, doing oaks atm. They're faster =D!

Levels gained today: 61 Woodcut, 56 Fletching.

29 August: Not much progress made today. Still fletching, boredom strikes again. Currently 54 fletching, but it'll be 55 in... maybe 15-30 minutes? More? When I reach that, I'll make a maple longbow in celebration hehe :D. Boredom strikes.

28 August: Uggh, it seems that today will be spent as a click-fest, as I am Fletching! It's going to be a long road to 65 I'm quite sure. Why don't I just simply buy the bows? Because, one, I like a challenge. Two, I like gaining experience and levels =D. Even if its for a skill that makes bows to train the relatively un-useful skill Ranged. Too bad that you go out of ranged combat when your enemies reach you! I have so many logs to fletch that it's not funny. I probably wont have much to put here besides my levelups today. I sure hope I don't die from boredom.

Levels gainede today: 58 Woodcut, 54 Fletching.

27 August: Yaaaay, all requirements for Family Crest have been met. I'm currently in process of doing the quest, will update when I manage to do it :). Edit: OMFG that was the closest I've ever been to a death by accident in RSC. Of course I've purposely killed myself at times, but I almost died in the final battle in Family Crest. I let me mind wander for a second off of my health, and onto my spellcasting, and suddenly got hit an 18, then a 10. I had about 10 hp left, so I ran away and madly pressed food. I only managed to eat one lobster before he hit another 15 on me, and that was the first hit. So I had 7 hp left, luckily he hit 0's on me and I could run a bit and eat 2 or 3 lobsters (:. It happened once more that I was low, low hp, but that was 3rd round. I used up all but 3 of the 15 lobsters I took. After I killed him I quickly pressed the Teleport to Varrock button. That was not my battle =S. Edit 2: Well, now that I've completed Monk's Friend, I'm aiming to complete Temple of Ikov. But apparently I need a yew shortbow or better to do it, and 35 ranged. I am 31 ranged and 50 fletching. My goals? 65 Fletching, 35 Ranged. Wish me luck =O, 65 Fletching will be my highest stat as of yet!!

Levels gained today: 54 Woodcut.

Quests completed: Family Crest, Tribal Totem, Fishing Competition, Monk's Friend, 61 Quest Points.

26 August: Almost the end of the month now, and yesterday I didn't get much Magic training done either. Hopefully getting atleast 50 today, I just gained 46 Magic as a write this. Seeing a few people here and there in Varrock, some I've seen before, others I haven't. I'm growing near to my goal of completing Family Crest, and since magic is getting so annoying to train I decided to stop at 56 and use a wizards mind bomb to get 59 magic. 40 crafting will be easy I'm almost there. As always, wish me luck ^_^. Edit: Yaaaaaay! Not only have I just achieved 48 Magic, but I have just gained my 800th total level! Definitely a notable achievment.

Levels gained today: 56 Magic, 45 Defense, 40 Crafting.

25 August: I've completed my little goal of Hero's quest, now what? Well, my goal is actually to complete every quest, and actually in order. No idea why in order top to bottom, but I feel like it. So now my goal would be Family Crest, but it needs 59 Magic and 40 Crafting. I'm 39 Crafting and 42 Magic, so those would be my new goals. Got distracted by RS2 earlier, but back on track. Wish meh luck! (:

Levels gained today: 45 Magic.

24 August: Hmm, seems I'm getting 37 prayer today, and most definitely 50 attack too! Spent a lot of time on Arcanists yesterday, gotta love that game. Cept that it steals my time >.< I find that there are more and more people at giants lately... Maybe it's just that I don't go there much, but it just seems more and more people... Thats a good thing if you get bored and need someone to talk to there, but they steal meh training spots. When that happens I switch worlds or do something else. I'm getting the urge to train Agility, even though I barely need it. Only the occasional quest or something... Maxed the shortcuts. Wish the Agility skill was a tad more useful in RSC. I really do like agility, gets a tad repetetive sometimes, but don't all skills? Grrr I wish there were less bots here. I find one, who's been doing the same exact thing for a week straight, no breaks, same paths, etc, report them, move on. It seems there's nothing I can really do that will matter against bots. Oh well, atleast I can have the impression that I'm doing something to help against the bot invasion, but I don't really think I'm helping too much. Always the same bot there, a week later, doing the same thing? Not just RSC, RS2 too, chopping ivy, or mining iron. Come on Jagex help :o. Edit: Wooot! Finally, 37 Prayer, 25 Herblaw! That was a long and annoying process... Time for the hero's quest. Yay (:

Levels gained today: 50 Attack, 48 Hits, 44 Defense, 37 Prayer, 26 Herblaw, 31 Ranged, 53 Mining, 22 Agility, 42 Magic. All requirements for the Hero's quest have been met.

Quests completed: Hero's Quest, 57 Quest Points.

23 August: Well I apparently have all herbs required for 25 Herblaw! Now I need 37 prayer :s I just got 34!! Almost there :3. Prayer training sure goes slow. I'm training with hill giants (or as they're called in RSC, Giants...). Occasionally I'll find a player there (or a bot!) but otherwise its really quiet. On the 22nd actually I killed a hobgoblin there and it dropped a half key! I want that other half now :o. Good thing Giants drop them too! I've still got a chance before I get meh 37 pray =). The potions I'm making with Herblaw sure help the training, I'm taking a 3 dose attack and strength potion when going to the Giants. Wish me luck! (]= Ooh I wonder what this does.... Eaten Alive3 19:22, August 23, 2010 (UTC).

Oh. Cool ^^. Hehe, new to the Wiki world, no idea about certain things (like signatures :P) Levels gained today: 22 herblaw, 47 attack, 46 hits, 35 prayer.

22 August: I'm some dude who likes to play RSC. I enjoy training all of my skills, and am currently into quests. Getting my Herblaw up to 25 for Heroes, and I don't know if I should get 37 Prayer first, for paralyze monster. It'd help in all boss fights greatly. I guess I'll see... (:

My Highscores[edit | edit source]


RunesScape Classic Wiki
Attack 50 Edit
Hits 49 Edit
Mining 53 Edit
Strength 50 Edit
Agility 50 Edit
Smithing 47 Edit
Defense 49 Edit
Herblaw 29 Edit
Fishing 57 Edit
Ranged 50 Edit
Thieving 46 Edit
Cooking 55 Edit
Prayer 38 Edit
Crafting 41 Edit
Firemaking 50 Edit
Magic 56 Edit
Fletching 56 Edit
Woodcut 61 Edit
Quest Edit
Total 887
Combat 61.25
At 16 December 2010