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About me[edit | edit source]


RunesScape Classic Wiki
Attack: 60
Hits: 60
Mining: 76
Strength: 60
Agility: 10
Smithing: 63
Defense: 60
Herblaw: 3
Fishing: 69
Ranged: 39
Thieving: 2
Cooking: 64
Prayer: 45
Crafting: 52
Firemaking: 53
Magic: 58
Fletching: 11
Woodcut: 49
Quest 43
Total 834
Combat 72.875
At 5 August 2017

My Runescape name is "Kire667". I started Classic in March 2003 and have played the first year before the release of Runescape 2. I am currently maxing every skill to 120 in Runescape 3. I make classic a part of my daily routine to try for at least 1 level per day after the release of open servers not closed off to time restraint. Easier to bring along new friends I meet in other Runescape versions.

I am rank 2 fishing and rank 8 cooking in Dead Man Mode as "catherby".

I'm trying to max all skills 120 and get back quest cape as "kire667" for Runescape 3.

I'm fishing to 99 as "catherby", "catherbay", "cather bae", "man level-3", and "submissive" on Runescape 2. This is used to fund gold swaps to help speed things up with the main on Runescape 3.