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About me[edit | edit source]

Hello all. :) My friends call me Alchemy, my original Runescape name was Alchemy_18, but I changed it to AlchemyHawk. You probably haven't heard of me (I would be very surprised if you have!), I am a middle class runescape player (1500+ total, 103 Combat -P2P-, highest skill 89 fishing). I have always wondered about the mysterious runescape classic, I have spent a fair few hours searching about it and looking at interesting topics/guides on the old classic. Then to my surprise I found out I could join, which made me very excited! I very much enjoy classic though I will be mostly stick to Runescape 2, just because I have spent two much time working on it too throw away. Also I am part of a great clan (GotSkills) as well as the fact Runescape 2 has some awesome things too. However I still log into classic fairly often, a few times a week. When I saw the Runescape Classic I knew I wanted to make an account (used Runescape.wikia for years but never made an account). Seeing as it just started and needs lots of help, made me feel guide and that I could contribute something!

My main forums are community, you may have heard of it, they are famous for making signatures. I am an experienced (actually called veteran now) member there with +2 rating as well as number 1 poster on the board (I suppose I have two much time on my hands lol). I plan to stick with draynor for awhile, feel free to check out the forums, I am sure you will love it.

So that is me. :D

My favorite pages[edit | edit source]