Update:Wedding bells at Jagex!

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This official news post is copied verbatim from the RuneScape website. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
It was added on 23 January 2003 but has been removed.

Simon Brace, Jagex's most eligible batchelor is no longer eligible. That's right, someone's actually agreed to marry him! Runescape players will know our husband to be as "modsimon". The scourge of hackers everywhere, Simon frequently appears on-line, valiantly fighting customer support related crime.

A certain girl by the name of Becky is the lucky lady in question, and Simon assures us that her decision was not made under duress. As the man himself says:

"There's this little lake in Birmingham that we walked down by after I took her for a meal. I got down on one knee, whipped my ring out and proposed to her under the stars with swans watching us on the lake. The diamond sparkled in the moonlight but it could never compare to the sparkle of her eyes, the way they light up whenever we're together :-)"

With his fiance preparing to become Mrs Becky Brace, Simon has set a date for 14th February, 2005, in what promises to be the mother of all updates in this young man's life. On behalf of Jagex and Runescape may I take this opportunity to wish you both the very best of luck!

(Now we'd like to say that they fell in love over Runescape, but that could never really happen... could it?)