Update:We Just Keep Getting Bigger!

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This official news post is copied verbatim from the RuneScape website. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
It was added on 31 January 2003 but has been removed.

We just keep getting bigger!
If there was an eerie quietness to Runescape this morning, it's because Jagex has just moved offices! Up and till this point Andrew had being squeezing more and more personnel into the same cramped room, but even he relented when the place started to look like a Seers' Village drop party.

So rather than violate any more human rights conventions, we thought we'd better just move office. As of today, Jagex is officially moving up in the world... by about 12 feet in fact, to the place on the first floor.

This means that we now have one office for the development team, and another one dedicated to your customer support needs. In fact, we're about to take on more customer support staff to make us even more efficient!

Of course you can never please everyone. Having two offices means that Simon won't be able to annoy Andrew anymore, and Tytn will have now have TWO kitchens to clean.

But Paul E (i.e. me) has got a desk that finally suits his feng shui requirements, and Andrew has a special "I'm the boss round here" annex all to himself! So if you do see him online a lot, it might be because he's feeling a bit lonely... just offer him a blanket and a warm drink- we'd all be very grateful.