Update:The Mod-Noob

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This official news post is copyrighted by Jagex. It is copied verbatim from the RuneScape website.
This update dates to 1 November 2002.


Hi there,

So what's been going on behind the scenes at the Jagex offices? Well, after last week's big quest update, I thought I'd go on line to see how everyone was getting on with the Biohazard Quest.

Being the honest chap that I am, I decided to use my real in-game character, and not one of those souped up mod things.

Now, perhaps it was a little foolhardy of me to venture onto the member's server with a combat level of 3. But nothing could have prepared me for the reception that I would receive. I almost drowned in a sea of "lols" and "noobs". And no-one seemed to believe that I was in fact the "Paul Eyres" that I claimed to be!

Oh well - guess I'll just have to get killing some chickens...