Update:Learning can be fun...

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This official news post is copied verbatim from the RuneScape website. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
It was added on 6 February 2003 but has been removed.

...no really, it can! OK look, bear with me on this. It seems that Runescape really does have a positive educational value for its players. But don't start cancelling your subscriptions! We heard from Madamemerlin- great name by the way. She found that she is now more skilled in the ancient (and almost forgotten) art of academia.

"I used to do the crossword from the paper everyday. Often when there was a clue I knew the answer due to being on Runescape so much."

OK then, how about this one: nine across, starts with "obses",ends with "ive", and describes the temperament of someone who can't get enough of something...

No seriously though, we're pleased that Runescape is helping to stimulate the old grey matter. But we would always encourage players to not be on Runescape so much that they neglect the offline world.

But by the sounds of it, our friend Madamemerlin has got the balance just right: "In class once, I was one of the only ones who knew the main substances in steel, thanks to you I am learning and my mom stops nagging me".

Just doing our job ma'am.