Update:Latest RuneScape News (8 December 2001)

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This official news post is copied verbatim from the RuneScape website. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
It was added on 8 December 2001 but has been removed.

I've just put a big RuneScape update online. This update includes:

  • Draynor Market - Located in Draynor village is a market, where you can trade fish, ore and bars. The traders there will exchange these for reedemable certifcates which are easier to carry and trade with your friends.
  • New Black Weapons - The black armour range has been extended to include the full range of weapons
  • Level requirements - The armour/weapon level requirements which were voted in last week have now been added. You now need a certain minimum attack/defence to use the higher level weapons/armour respectively.
  • Dyeable capes - New cape colours are in! Green, Purple, Yellow, and Orange. To get these capes you must mix up dyes to recolour the existing ones :-)
  • Minor changes to varrock and falador - Some buildings have been increased in size, and there's a new bank in falador to reduce crowding at peak times.

Update: Unfortunately I've had to put the player limit back to the original 5000. Despite upgrading my kernal, drivers, and improving the efficieny of my network code, the linux operating system still crashes if I try for more connections per box! I hate linux! :-) However I am hoping to get some additional servers to increase the capacity fairly soon.