Update:Latest RuneScape News (5 December 2001)

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This official news post is copyrighted by Jagex. It is copied verbatim from the RuneScape website.
This update dates to 5 December 2001.

The level requirement poll has finished. Since the majority of the players favoured this change it will be going ahead.

I am fully aware that some smiths and miners feel this will disadvantage them. However remember even if you can't use the items in combat you can still make money from buying and selling them.

I have to consider what is good for the game as a whole, and currently the lack of level requirements is unbalancing the wilderness quite severely and making it largely inaccessible for low to mid level players. I am pleased to see that the most players are in agreement with this decision :-)

The levels requirements will be:
Level-5 for Steel
Level-10 for Black
Level-20 for Mithril
Level-30 for Adamantite
Level-40 for Rune