Update:Latest RuneScape News (26 August 2002)

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This official news post is copyrighted by Jagex. It is copied verbatim from the Jagex website.
This update dates to 26 August 2002.

RuneScape progress update.

It's been a while since I last revealed what we're currently working on, so here goes!

Lots of people said it would be really great if RuneScape had more of an overall story-line and if there was some sort of ongoing plot. Therefore we're pleased to say that we've designed a massive twisting plot which we're going to release over multiple episodes. The next update (hopefully Tuesday or Wednesday), will contain a new quest which is episode #1 of this story. We've also been working on a 'RuneScape history' page, which gives some background story for the RuneScape world, which we hope to put online soon.

Whilst the rest of the dev-team have been focussing on that, myself and Tony have been working very hard on the promised new 3d-graphics system. This is a mammoth task since we are replacing a vast chunk of the graphics and code. The new engine is coming together extremely well, although there's still a lot of work to do. I hope to get another preview online with the next couple of weeks so you can see how we are doing. We're now nearly ready to show a preview demo of our new landscape engine, our new character animation system, and our new improved user interface.

As I mentioned before this new graphics engine will also allow us much more flexible maps, and so we will finally be able to put the player owned houses and carpentry in. However since that update is still quite a long way off, the rest of the dev-team is going to work on a new 'agility' skill next. This will give the members something else new to enjoy meanwhile whilst we finish off our big graphics update.

Note: A few people have been tricked by fake previews of our upcoming updates. Any previews we put online will always be on this website only, and will not require your RuneScape password to view. NEVER enter your password anywhere but runescape.com or it will be stolen! Click here for security tips.


RuneScape Wiki note: Jagex later split this into two different updates, as seen at Update:In the pipeline... and Update:Fake previews, but some text was removed. Also, the security page was removed by jagex.