Update:Latest RuneScape News (18 March 2002)

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This official news post is copied verbatim from the RuneScape website. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
It was added on 18 March 2002 but has been removed.

We've just put some new members features online. Including:

  • A wilderness dungeon branching off the north end of the Edgeville dungeon
  • Glass making ability. As part of crafting you can now make vials, glasses and orbs.

To make glass you need to burn seaweed on a fire to get soda, and mix it with sand in a furnace. Finally use a glass blowing pipe to turn the molten glass into an object. (Hint: these items can be found on Entrana island)

  • Battle staffs. Craft an orb and then charge it at the correct obelix using a cosmic-rune. Finally use

your crafting ability to attach the orb to a battle staff from Zaff's staffs.

  • New high level magic attacks are now available. Using the new blood-rune!
  • New teleport spell to Camelot
  • New monster - black unicorn

I'm also pleased to say that our new server finally arrived today, so we hope to get it installed this week to add another two freeplay worlds.

I'd like to welcome our two new employees: Steve and Ian. They joined us last Thursday, and are working in our Cambridge office to handle your customer support queries. We've got a bit of a backlog of questions to work through at the moment, but we're finally able to start tackling it! The RuneScape usernames of all our official staff are now: Andrew, Paul, Ian, Mod_ian and Sirmodsteve.